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Sex & mischief satin black blindfold



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Blindfold your lover with the Sex and Mischief Satin Blindfold. This silky, soft, eye covering is the perfect way to conceal sexy, exciting secrets and fantasies as you prepare and act out a night of teasing and pleasure. Your partner will have no idea what is in store! The elastic band fits comfortably around his or her head, and the mask is cut for total coverage. No peeking! Hello Darkness My Old Friend. You would not look at me and think, now that’s woman who goes in for sex toys, and not so long ago you would have been correct. Of course this was before my best friend, Ashley, gave me my birthday present. At first I assumed this was her joke gift, but then she informed me she uses a Sex Sling before and it changed her life. I have to confess it sat in my closet for a few weeks before I got up the nerve to ask my boyfriend if he was interested. I am still mad at myself for waiting so long, and since I am confessing, I’ve used it a number of times when I’m by myself. Features: a luxurious double layered satin blindfold with trim and thin dual elastic strap for a comfortable fit. Includes: 1 satin black blindfold with dual elastic strap. Materials: Black Elastic, Polyester Fabric, Polyester Binding, Polyester Batten. Categories: BDSM for Beginners, Best Sellers, Blindfolds, Masks, Bondage Disability, Foreplay, Holiday Gift Guide, Markdown, Sex & Mischief, S&M, Sex Over 60. Top reviewed, Blindfolds, Under $25. Limited Lifetime Warranty, Sportsheets will replace any defective product. If the product is not available, Sportsheets will replace it with a similar product of similar function. Video. 2022.

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